The art of confidence;)

A short handbook which tells how to be confident 😉 I hope that it will inspire you somehow.

1. Concentrate on your abilities not weaknesses

You don’t have to be good at everything. Some of us are good in maths so they will be looking for a job in banks or financial corporations. Others are good in geography, medicine or sociology. Find a job which goes with your education, abilities and passion. For example, I am good at writing, so I am a journalism 😉

Mamy people focus on their shortcomings. Istead of noticing a wonderful overall, we see individual defects. For exaple, your boyfriend invited you on a date. You are so excided but on the date day you saw a big spot on your forehead. You are running scared! You think that the boy will only see your spot but in reality it’s not as big as you see it in the mirror. You exaggerate as you want to be perfect. Remember: No one is perfect! And this spot won’t make that boy resign from your love.


Bible says: Everybody has a talent. It is given from God, he decided about our abilities. So appreciate what you have, improve it or bury deep under ground. It’s up to you.

Concentrate on what you can do the best! Don’t think about weaknesses! They won’t help you to reach your goal. Even worse, they will interrupt you and always try to tell you that: “You won’t achive anything! You’re too weak! Don’t let them win!


2. Don’t compare yourself with others

The main reason of people’s lack of confidence is observing other people. We look for similarities and differences. When we found somebody who is far prettier or smarter than we are, we started hating this people. But why?  Why do we treat them as an enemy? If you called somebody foolish or stupid you won’t be more intelligent as a result. 


Remember: God created everybody as a unrepeatable creatures 😉 Don’t try to copy others and stop hating them.



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