Viral marketing

Today I want to take you to a viral marketing  journey .

Firstly, my short definition of this phenomenal way of promoting your company, brand, yourself.

Viral marketing is when your company (or a person) create some content related to its product, brand and put it on the Internet. Then this content started to live its own life, people sent it to their friends, put links on their profiles and started talking about it. No matter what it is about, the most important thing is an idea, creating smoething new, controversial, funny.


  1. Drive Recklessy – it is a parody of social campaign preventing from speeding but in very controversial way. This video was seen 1,7 million times all over the world and generated 82,3% posts on Facebook from 12-20.09.2011.

     2. Pure Evil Crew by Cropp – it was a part of CROPP company campaign.

     3. Mentos Rainbow – lepiej wiedzieć co Cię czeka – polish advert

Viral videos not always promoting new brands but sometimes shows funny situations. Some of them was selected by Ellen so enjoy 🙂

If you’re interested in this topic, I truly reccomend you some books and articles.


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