The age of intelligent things

A picture you can see below is a satiric way of proving that we can be particularly anonymous on the Internet.

Today we can easily exchange the dog by a fridge. Why? Because starting from 2010 we have been observing so-called third wave of the Internet – Internet of Things (IOT). Imagine the situation: your alrm clock is ringing and in the same time the signal is sent to kettle and in some minutes you will drink hot tea or coffee.

IOT – thanks to access to the Internet devices can communicate with each other without help of people. We call them “intelligent devices”.

To show you better what I am writing about, please see a short video:

Some examples of intelligent devices and things:

  • BlackSocks – inbuilt detector RFID help you segregate your socks so don’t worry about missing one in your washing machine 😉 How does it work? See the video :
  • Hop suitcase – problems with carrying suitsaces? Never again! Now your new suitcase will follow you  as it is connected with your mobile phone.
  • Botaniccalls – specific detector put into flowerpot will tell you when it is the right time to water your flower
  • Image

Why it is so important to invest in intelligent things?


  • they ease our daily life: from kitchen, traffic to pharmaceutical business
  • they can communicate without people’s help
  • technological development

Against IOT: 

  • bigger unemployment ( machiness will replace people)
  • depersonalisation
  • faster battery usage ( During International CES 2013 engineers showed SpareOne phone. It has one battery AA and can easily “live” for 15 years (!) when it is not used and 10 hours when you call




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