Men vs. Women – shopping

Once upon a time

ImageThousand years before roles between women and men were clearly defined. Hunting and searching food were men’s obligation whereas women tend to take care of house and children. Their demands formed character: men should be brave and independent, women – emphatetic and caring.


Why it is so important in present-day marketing?

Marketing messages dedicated for women should be emotional and need to ensure  that recommended product will be useful for them and family. Women make decisions slower (because of the longer shopping list) than men and consider many options (checking prizes, quality). Women like when the company is loyal and maintain vivid contact (one of the best example is NIVEA – this company has a special Youtube channel dedicated to mothers and gives them many useful advices how to take care of children. Also, there are some videos promoting active life and exercises). Company should gives them many chances to sharing opinions with other clients and specialists. Young mothers have a strong need to bulding relations especially with more experienced mothers. That’s why so many women are active on social platforms.

80% of women are prone to buy product from the companies which are appreciative of their maternal role. Moreover, pleased women share their opinions with others, recommend products or services and encourage others to buy from your shop. They can be a real brand evangelist.

Unfortunately, women share their negative opinions too and more often. Trying to deceive them, will bring a catastrophe for company. Women are really perceptive, the can promote your products if they are satisfied but also destroy it. Especially maternal minds are resistant to forgiveness if you harmed her or any member of her family.


Difference in Online Shopping Behavior: Men vs. Women 

  • Males tend to search by product while females search by brand.
  •  47% of women are looking for coupons and sales on social media channels as opposed to men at 33%.
  • 77 percent of women and 74 percent of men say price influenced their purchase
  • Women are more likely to pay attention to marketing emails. Fourteen percent of women, compared to 8 percent of men, say they first saw their most recent online purchase in an email from a store.

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“Women think of shopping in an interpersonal, human fashion while men treat it as more instrumental. It’s a job to get done.”  Dr. Stephen J. Hoch



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